Self-Image Branding for Company Success


June 29


09:00 am - 10:00 am

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Wharton Alumnae Founders and Funders Association

How you see yourself affects how people see your company.

Everyone knows branding your company is essential for success. We spend a tremendous amount of time selecting the name of the company, designing a logo, creating a clever slogan, hiring the right folks and the list continues. These tasks are critical for success – to differentiate us from the roar of the crowded marketplace.

What we often fail to consider is the image we present to ourselves and others. Do we truly believe we can achieve our goals or are we putting boundaries and limitations that will ultimately cause our demise? By determining how we see ourselves, we can breakthrough these barriers and achieve more than we ever expected.

This program will help you see how important self-image is for organizational and personal success by:

· How your self-image influences your behavior

· How to adjust it; and ultimately,

· How to achieve the results you want in your career and your life

Stephanie Hessler is a Performance and Mindset Coach. She helps high-achieving leaders who want to rapidly advance their careers and create a vision others want to follow, but are tired of playing small. Therefore, Stephanie guides her clients through a transformational coaching journey called the BLISS Accelerator to turn their goals and dreams into reality. Previously, she worked in the investment business, including on Wall Street, for sixteen years. She earned her MBA at the Wharton School and her BA at Wellesley College.

Contact: Stephanie@StephanieHesslerCoach/ (617) 820-4755


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