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  • Wharton MBA #1 on ROI
    Oh yeah!!! Did you know that Wharton tops the list for MBA Return on Investment???? Two years after graduation, Wharton alumni made a median salary of $169,200, […]
  • The XX Edge Webinar
    Earlier this month, WAFFA partnered with Beacon Networking for Life for a fascinating webinar with Dr. Ruth Shaber (Penn MD86). We know that […]
  • “Sacred Promise” Anthology
    Congratulations to Natasha Charles (Penn06 GED09 WEV09 WEV10 GED14) of Intuitive Coaching with Natasha Charles who is included in a new anthology called Sacred Promise, led by best-selling author […]
  • Parla acquired by Holland & Barrett
    If you joined our FemTech Webinar on 3/30 – you will have met Parla Founder and CEO Lina Chan (WG09). She recently […]
  • Eleanor Health founder chosen as Journey Fellow
    Shout-out to Eleanor Health CEO and Co-founder Corbin Petro (WG09) who was recently chosen as one of two dozen Journey Fellows, a group […]
  • Earth Heir + Malaysian female founders
    Interesting article about Earth Heir Founder and CEO Sasibai Kimis (W00), one of an incredible group of women in Malaysia who are […]
  • Mocktail Club’s “Best Drinks”
    Congratulations to Mocktail Club’s Founder and CEO Pauline Idogho (WG10) – her drinks made Bloomberg’s ‘Best of’ list for “Canned Drinks for Summer Parties […]
  • Podcast: Babyation
    Don’t miss Sam Rudolph (W04), CEO and Co-Founder of Babyation, on the podcast Startups in Stilettos. Babyation is a a venture-backed startup with a mission […]
  • Dagne Dover in Forbes
    Great article in Forbes about the co-founders of Dagne Dover and how the company is meeting consumer demand for sustainable fashion. Melissa […]
  • $8mm new funding for Strella
    A big shout-out to Katherine Sizov (P19) CEO and co-founder of Strella Biotechnology, who just announced $8mm in new funding. That brings […]
  • President’s Sustainability Prize
    Congratulations to recent graduates Sarah Beth Gleeson, Shoshana Weintraub and Julia Yan, all from Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. They […]
  • Nest Genomics + Y Combinator
    Congratulations to Moran Snir (WG13), co-founder and CEO of Nest Genomics, whose company was part of the Y Combinator Winter 2022 batch, and who recently […]
  • FitReserve acquired by Trustmark
    Congratulations to Megan Smyth WG05, Co-Founder at FitReserve, whose company was recently acquired by Trustmark, a national employees benefits provider. FitReserve is a multi-studio fitness […]
  • Making insoles cool
    How do you make footwear insoles cool? Leave it to Co-founders Libie Motchan WG21 and Daniel Nelson WG21 who created Fulton’s Insoles – the “world’s most […]
  • Shop DIA
    Can’t wait to shop at Dia – a curated platform established by three Malaysian friends, including Kylie Francis WG18, along with Alia Farouk and Aisha Hassan. They […]
  • Brainleap Technologies
    Brainleap Technologies is a software company that trains attention through gaze-drive video games. Co-founders Leanne Chukoskie C94 and her husband Jeff Coleman W94 have developed […]
  • Mocktail Club
    We’re excited to try some delicious non-alcoholic beverages from Mocktail Club. Founder Pauline Idogho WG10 aims to capture the palates of social drinkers looking for […]