Get Featured in the Shop

We’ve developed the WAFFA Female Founders Shop to generate awareness for our amazing Founders and to help drive customers and sales directly to their websites.

We would love to include you in the store – if you’re selling a product, service, you’re running a non-profit, or even have a local business. In just one or two clicks, we will deliver customers straight to your website.

If you are a Wharton or Penn alumni and would like to be included in the store, please fill out this quick form and you’ll be uploaded and on sale within 24 hours.

See below – check out how quickly we deliver a new customer to Dagne Dover – a brand Co-Founded by Melissa Shin Mash WG12 and Deepa Gandhi WG13. On the WAFFA app, customers may discover these remarkable and fashionable performance bags for work, travel, baby and life (including the perfect diaper bag!). In just 2 clicks, they arrive at the Dagne Cover website, interested and ready to learn more and buy. 

We’d also love to tell your story in an upcoming newsletter and across social media channels – so just click here and we’ll spotlight you soon.