Volunteer- Join the team!

We’re a passionate and determined group of women on a the mission to accelerate the success of Penn and Wharton Alumnae in the start-up world – founders, investors and supporters.

We have big dreams and a a bias towards action. That’s why, in just 5 years, WAFFA has grown to be one of the most engaged and active school clubs, with over 5,500+ members.  

We’re looking for help. Whether you have an hour a week, an hour a month, or maybe just a little free time coming up where you can dip in/dip out periodically and pitch in – we’d love to speak with you. Your commitment can be low impact on your schedule, but have a huge impact for the community.

We have periodic calls with small groups to talk about volunteering with WAFFA, and invite you to participate and learn more. Please fill this out and we’ll get back to you with different dates/times to make sure something works for your schedule.

Some ideas to get involved could include:

  • Help publish our weekly newsletter – write up founder profiles, interview Funders, compile Alumnae News.
  • Create content and build up interaction on one of our social media channels.
  • Set up and run a virtual event that really interests you – we aim to have one event each month.
  • Dive into the conversations on our HelloWaffa SLACK channel and build interaction and relevancy.
  • Head up our WAFFA Shop app and continue to evolve our directory for female founders, driving visits and engagement.
  • Help manage our database, keep it clean and up-to-date; think of ways to find out more about our community to better serve them.
  • Help organize out founders by industry type and stage, and match with potential funders from our network and database.
  • Reach out to investors/funders, set up panels for them to share their insight and advice, and perhaps match them up to appropriate founders.
  • Fundraise to help support our ongoing admin and development of new programs.
  • Build our relationships with other Wharton clubs and associations.
  • Work with current students to build a pipeline to WAFFA when they graduate.
  • And anything more you can think of that would interest you and serve our community!

In whatever way you think you could help out in a way that fits your schedule and your interests – we’d love to have you on board.

If you are excited by our mission and are interested in getting more involved with terrific, talented Wharton + Penn alumnae, join us!