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Camille Genise Heard, Penn ’13 Co-Founder and CEO of Feloh

In 2014, Camille Genise Heart was desperately seeking advice and products for her super curly hair. Camille realized as she studied the industry that the challenge wasn’t so much of a hair problem, it was more of content overload and navigating all the products out there. Camille began working on developing a whole new kind of brand for the indie beauty community. 

FELOH (Fell-Oh) is a conscious and inclusive social marketplace just for beauty. When users post their content in this social community, they get rewards called “curl coins” to shop the marketplace, where independently owned beauty brands list their products to sell.

This past August, Feloh launched their improved MVP version and to date have 200 users, 60 selling partners and 2,000 quality-made beauty products in the marketplace. They’ve have won two pitch competitions already and are raising their first pre-seed round now. Read more about Camille Genise Heard here, shown above (right) with co-Founder and COO Jacqueline Baron.

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