Female Founders Shop

Yinka Taiwo-Peters, Founder of YTPShop

In 2017, Yinka Taiwo-Peters founded YTPshop, a contemporary African-inspired fashion brand for women. With no formal training and less than $200, she taught herself to design all products in the U.S. as she established a network of female artisans to manufacture in Nigeria, where she was born. Today, she has a small all-female team across Nigeria and the U.S. who continue to build and develop the brand. Read more about Yinka and her story.

All YTPShop products are ethically handcrafted by female artisans in Nigeria and the prints are sourced from West African markets. The brand celebrates the authentic African experience and adorns confident women with bold aesthetics and colors. Be sure to check out YTPshop in the WAFFA Female Founders store. Use promo code WHARTON for 20% of all products. Shop here.