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We’ve created a special marketplace to highlight the wide range of innovative products and services developed by the WAFFA Female Founder community.

For example, with jerky being such a popular snack these days, we’re excited to try this meat-alternative 100% plant based mushroom jerky, a new product called munchrooms. Made from whole, non-GMO shitake mushrooms, this handcrafted jerky has the subtle umami of mushrooms, the flavor of freshly ground spices and a meaty, satisfying texture.

munchrooms was founded by Gina Shia WG’19, whose snacking obsession led her to discover a variety of plant-based snacks during a work trip to Asia. Later, while researching mushroom cultivation techniques in Taiwan, she built a partnership with a small, multi-generational business to bring tasty, savory mushroom-based jerky with big flavors and real ingredients to the US.

They are super low in fat, carbs and calories, and high in nutrients like vitamin D, vitamins B2 and B3, potassium, copper and selenium, a powerful antioxidant which helps strengthen the immune system and prevent damage to cells and tissues. Right now, a 4-pack Tasting Kit is just $25 (normally $35.80) plus free shipping for all orders over $50 with code FREESHIP.  Shop the WAFFA Founders Store here.

p.s. And be sure to send Gina good luck – munchrooms is competing in this week’s NOSH’s Pitch Slam, the leading business pitch competition for the food industry. Presented by 301INC, the venture capital arm of General Mills, the competition features 11 of the hottest startups in packaged food, all creating innovative products spanning a wide range of categories. 

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