Negotiate Fearlessly

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a discussion with Mori Taheripour – a beloved Wharton Professor (and WG!) who is an EIGHT-time recipient of awards for excellence in teaching. Mori is a globally recognized negotiation expert whose techniques have been implemented by all types of leaders, from sports executives to Fortune 500 CEOs. Feedback from the event was super enthusiastic and positive – “Great Interview”, “I learned a lot from Mori”, “This was so helpful and inspiring”.

So, ICYMI, we’re including a link here to the interview. And be sure to check out her book, “Bring Yourself: how to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly.” Feedback in the chat included – “One of my favorite business books for sure!”, “I listened to your book and loved it!”, “I just ordered it during this interview!”.