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Meet Lucinda Duncalfe, Start-Up Pioneer Founder/CEO of AboveBoard, an inclusive platform for executive search

Lucinda Duncalfe is the founder of AboveBoard, an executive hiring platform connecting qualified executives with full-time and board opportunities. Study after study proves that installing leaders with different backgrounds serves shareholders, employees and the broader society. But the current approach to executive hiring depends too often on closed networks and processes with no transparency, a strategy which leads to a lack of diversity in hiring.

Lucinda is revolutionizing the way leadership roles are filled – opening them up on an inclusive platform so that everyone qualified has access rather than just those in existing networks. AboveBoard creates a fundamental shift in the dynamic of executive hiring, one that is overdue and can have far-reaching social impact.

Lucinda has had a truly remarkable career, beginning in the male-dominated tech startup industry of the mid-90’s. She’s founded three companies and led many others. Lucinda has earned accolades at the highest levels in the start-up world – like EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year and Enterprises Award’s CEO of the Year – and is much in demand as a public speaker. She has traveled the world – including a trip kayaking north of the Arctic Circle as part of leadership training. And to top it off, Lucinda is also a  Shotokan Karate instructor. And in 2017 she was named Senior Women’s Kumite US National Champion at the International Shotokan Karate Federation! 

Read more about Lucinda and her experiences building AboveBoard here.

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