Holiday Gift List 2021


Lilu is a Women’s Health company building tech-enabled devices to empower new moms.

Product: Their first product, the Lilu Massage Bra, mimics breast compression and “hands-on-pumping” techniques. The bra is an FDA Class I device that works with most standard breast pumps and uses Lilu’s patented pneumatic massage technology to gently and efficiently massage your breasts while pumping. For many moms, this massage can help increase milk output and reduce associated pain. Think of it as your pump’s sidekick.

Price: $149 (discount code waffaxlilu20!)

Founders: Adriana C Vazquez MIPD 2016; Sujay Suresh Kumar MEng EE 2016



WellSpices’ beautiful, safe, single serve packages of organic, fresh ground life and flavor enhancing spices are delivered direct to you. Go. Eat. Be. Well.

Product: Organic, fresh ground single serving packages of spices. Holiday gift packaging available and shipping is always free!

Price: $24.99 (discount code WAFFA20)

Founder: Gail Gilbert Ball W’79


Club Stryke

Skincare essentials for teen boys.

Product: Everything needed to help the coast (aka his acne) stay clear. Bonus: these must-haves come in a toiletry bag that’s easy to take anywhere. Everywhere Wash: The all-in-one shower cleanser perfect for everywhere, from head to toe. Stryke Stick: No one wants a zit. Fight back with this portable spot treatment. Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes: The easy-clean option for when a sink isn’t within reach. Stay Smooth Lip Balm: Give lips a hydrating refresh. Bamboo Toothbrush: Bad breath isn’t great for making friends – just add the toothpaste. Toiletry Bag: Because all the essentials need to go somewhere!

Price: $64.99

Founder: Stacy Blackman W ’93



Hairtelligence is an automated, computer-vision powered solution for purchasing custom hair products online.

Product: From wig purchase to application, we provide tools and guidance that puts today’s and tomorrow’s look within our customer’s reach. We’ve built AI and computer-vision technology to power our customer onboarding and customization application, which automatically sizes and selects the correct lace color for every customer order, all with just a few selfies. Once we find a customer’s size and perfect lace color, we allow each customer to build their new wig. There are many decisions to make when creating the perfect wig – from cut, color, or wave pattern, it’s often hard to gauge whether the combination of these decisions will mend together for the look our customers are dreaming of. So, at Hairtelligence we’ve made these decisions even easier to handle with our visualization technology – as a customer walks through creating their new look, they will also see themselves in each style, giving them full confidence that the new look they are creating looks amazing on them before purchasing their wig.

Price: $350

Founders: Isoken (Iso) Igbinedion, Co-Founder & CEO (WG’21), Simone Kendle, Co-Founder & CMO (WG’21)



YTPshop is a contemporary African-inspired fashion brand for women. All YTPshop products are ethically handcrafted by female artisans in Nigeria and the prints are sourced from West African markets. Every YTPshop product is truly a gift to the artisans, whose families depend on their fair wages, in the motherland. We offer free US shipping for orders over $50.

Product: This glamorous print is made with premium African Ankara silk that is light weight and feels soft on your skin. The Funmi maxi dress cinches your waist and has a high slit on the side for an elegant look. It is a guaranteed show-stopper and that’s why it is our best-seller. This dress is very versatile. You can wear it to weddings, cocktail gatherings, brunch, and the beach in real life or on Zoom. Stay fabulous and be prepared to receive numerous compliments.

Price: $109.99 (discount code WHARTON for 20% off all products)

Founder: Yinka Taiwo-Peter, WG’20



Tohi is a female-founded, science-based wellness brand innovating performance and longevity-focused consumer products from Aronia Berries, an antioxidant-rich, sustainable specialty crop that is native to North America and grown in the Midwest. The future of food is functional! Plant-based phytonutrients and antioxidants are nature’s defense to help protect our bodies from stressors that lead to chronic disease, susceptibility to viruses, and premature aging. Tohi is meeting consumers where they are with an easy-to-understand value proposition: antioxidants support a healthy immune system and provide a whole body benefit.

Product: Tohi’s ready-to-drink beverages feature Midwest-grown Aronia Berries, an antioxidant-rich regenerative specialty crop. From farm to can, Tohi supports immune health, and all 4 delicious flavors are low-calorie, non-carbonated and packaged in 12 oz slim recyclable cans. Tohi has multi-generational appeal with today’s consumers seeking U.S.-grown and manufactured products with authentic and functional ingredients with health benefits.

Price: $28.99 per 12 pack case

Founder: Shari Coulter Ford 1993



Eddi is a new DTC homewares and soap brand bringing style to sustainability

Product: We offer a Starter Set that includes our signature hand soap dispenser in your choice of color, along with three full-sized scented hand soap refills from our Weekend Collection. Enjoy a premium stainless steel soap dispenser with luxurious, natural hand soap refills — all while eliminating plastic waste from your washing routine!

Price: starting at $65 (discount code WHARTONPROUD (for $10 off your order))

Founders: Sarah Pura WG ’13 and Jamison Pereira WG ’16


Double Dipper

Matching pool tubes for parents and children – bold, beautiful prints that gets both parents and kids excited to get outside and jump in

Product: Matching parent-child swim tubes in bold, beautiful patterns

Price: $45 / pair

Founder: Tamar Levine, WG’19


One Stop College Counseling

We are a college counseling company, working with students in grades 8-12, to help them navigate the complex world of college admissions.

Product: We offer a comprehensive plan. We guide teens in all areas, including high school course selection, standardized test choices, extra-curricular activities enhancement, volunteer work, interview preparation, summer jobs/internships, essay topic selection, resume guidance, and early decision/early action strategies.

Price: depends on the grade of the student (discount code $1000 off a comprehensive package)

Founder: Laurie Kopp Weingarten W’86



We offer gorgeous Africa Inspired handbags that celebrate culture & heritage, whilst empowering women.

Product: Gorgeous Africa-Inspired handbags made with handwoven Nigerian Sao-oke textiles and high quality leather

Price: $198

Founder: Tomide Awe WG’17


Career Coaching | Hannah Greene Spata LLC

I am a veteran of Penn’s Career Services office and love helping motivated people pivot industries, get into grad school or negotiate that raise!

Service: Career Coaching

Price: $360

Founder: Hannah Greene Spata COL ’16 SP2 ’16



Packed with Purpose is on a mission to create meaningful impact by changing the way companies and individuals give gifts. By discovering products made by social enterprises and purpose-driven companies, Packed with Purpose curates memorable gifts that wow recipients and create positive social change.

Product: Delightful gift box showcasing Black, Latinx, AAPI, LGBTQ+, and women-owned purveyors. Features flavorful chips, crackers, sea salt popcorn, crispy cookies, dark chocolate and more. Helps reduce food waste, provides education to opportunity youth, and much more.

Price: $75 (discount code WAFFA for $5 off any purchase)

Founder: Leeatt Rothschild 2010


Askanya Chocolates

EMPOWER HATIAN WOMEN WITH ASKANYA CHOCOLATES These delicious all-natural chocolates are handcrafted by women in Haiti. Askanya Chocolates CEO and Co-Founder, Corinne Joachim-Sanon set out more than six years ago to create Haiti’s first premier bean-to-bar chocolate company. Askanya sources its all natural ingredients from a network of 3,000 Haitain Farmers, providing direct revenue opportunities to farmers located in very rural areas. Not only do these chocolates support a powerful cause, they’re also delicious.

Product: Chocolate Bars

Price: $7 – $65 (discount code WAFFA15 for 15% Off on order)

Founder: Corinne Joachim Sanon – WG11


Copina Co.

Copina Co. is dedicated to bringing the best of nature’s plant botanicals to all.

Product: Our herbalist-approved plant-based collagen boost creamers and lattes are delicious ways to boost your hair, skin, and nail health. Blend our 4 delicious flavors – Matcha, Cacao Calm, Vanilla, and Original, into your favorite drinks or breakfasts and enjoy the benefits of increased collagen levels from plants instead of animal products.

Price: $26.90 (discount code: PENNALUMNI for 15% off your first order)

Founder: Carolyn Vinnicombe Yachanin (Penn Class of 2013)


Meri Meri

Meri Meri designs everything fun for life’s celebrations – partyware, seasonal decorations, heirloom-quality children’s gifts and dreamy dress-up. Our products are inspired by the imagination of childhood and rooted in sophisticated design.

Product: 15% off first purchase of partyware and gifts. Code: wharton15. Expires 31 Dec 2021 at midnight. Single use only.

Price: varies by product

Founder: Kelly Lees WG’01


Body of 9 is a research and educational organization dedicated to informing people about the 9 Natural Numbers and what they mean.

Product: Give the gift of self-valdiation and self-understanding to improve your relationships. Get validated at the level of your Nature, understand yourself and others and improve your communication by learning your Natural Number, for you, you and your partner, or you and your family!

Price: $198

Founder: Susan Bennett Fisher (né Van Horn) Lauder/Wharton 1986



AAVRANI is the Holistic Beauty company. Our first products are premium skincare inspired by ancient Indian rituals for all women!

Product: Now you can enjoy the Complete Ritual Set in travel-friendly sizes to take with you while on the go! Designed to be the ultimate 21-day skincare sampler, this powerful four-step routine works to help you achieve your most radiant glow.

Price: $49

Founders: Rooshy Roy WG’19, Justin Silver WG’19


Blu Reverie Catamaran

Creating unforgettable experiences on the 48-foot sailing catamaran

Product: Join us on a magical adventure aboard Blu Reverie, a 48-foot sailing catamaran that is sure to give you the most unique experience in San Francisco Bay. On the iconic 2 night sail, the captain and crew will whisk you away to an island destination where you can go on a hike, ride a bike, and immerse in 360 degree views of the entire bay. In the evening, enjoy a candlelight dinner and settle in for a peaceful night’s rest in your private cabin on water. The catamaran features 5 guest cabins each with its ensuite bathroom/shower and can accommodate up to 10 guests. Also open to private bookings for day trips, photoshoots, and events.

Price: Depending on the number of people in your party

Founder: Sophia Zheng W’12



munchrooms is dedicated to making healthier snacking more achievable and sustainable with our meat-alternative 100% plant based mushroom jerky. We want to provide people more plant-based alternatives when it comes to meat snacks that are good for their body and the planet.

Product: munchrooms’ 100% sustainable plant-based jerky is made from whole, non-GMO shiitake mushrooms. Our handcrafted jerky has the subtle umami of mushrooms, the flavor of freshly ground spices, and a meaty, satisfying texture. Our jerky provides important nutrients such as selenium, potassium, vitamins B2 & B3, vitamin D, and more. With a healthy serving of fiber in each pack, munchrooms keep you full longer.

Price: $25 tasting kit

Fonder: Gina Shi WG’ 19


My Pain Center

My Pain Center: The CBD Headquarters provides reputable, tried-and-trusted CBD products to help with pain, anxiety, insomnia, and much more.

Service: When visiting My Pain Center, you will find a wide selection of CBD and Delta-8 products, including gummy bears, oils, creams, and more, all of which have been extensively researched to ensure we are offering the safest, most effective products.

Price: Various

Founder: Shereen Kassam WG’12



Putting parents first, we’re championing parentcare, starting with rock-solid childcare.

Service: Virtual newborn or sleep support – video consultations for (new) parents. Available globally!

Price: Starting from £49 per consultation. (discount code: Waffa10)

Founder: Zarja Cibej WG ’09



Guilt-free treats to keep you fueled and full!

Product: Vegan, gluten-free cookies made without added sugar or oil!

Price: $24 (box of 8) (discount code: WAFFA for 10% off)

Founder: Gayatri Karandikar, MBA 2019


Grey State Apparel

Grey State is an ethical and sustainable clothing brand owned and operated by women. We offer a curated selection of relaxed, seasonless pieces with the belief that fashion should complement, not complicate.

Product: Wrap up in our Eco Reading Robe. Made from our recycled Eco Terry, this sustainable closet must-have will bring the spa right to your home.

Price: $75

Founder: Saima Chowdhury WG’05



Fulton is a modern brand of arch support, we developed a supportive, sustainable, and comfortable insole made from innovative materials like vegan cactus leather and cork. We seek to empower consumers to live a healthier life, because wellness starts from the ground up.

Product: Fulton insoles are made from cork and mold to their shape of your foot to provide customized support to promote full body alignment. Their deep heel cup provides stability, and their shock absorbing materials reduce impact to the body.

Price: $48 (discount code: WAFFA10)

Founders: Libie Motchan, WG’21, Daniel Nelson, WG ’21


BoCa Flavor

BoCa Flavor takes a modern approach to traditional Caribbean seasoning, fusing staple ingredients from the islands to curate everyday blends to liven up your kitchen.

Product: Made for everything, Taíno Spice is a Caribbean fusion all-purpose seasoning that can take anything up a notch from your meats to your vegetables. Indulge in our fragrant seasoning with a sweet-spicy kick crafted for you to experience the sweet essence of the Caribbean.

Price: $9.99

Founder: Jelece Morris (WG ’19)


Ninja Melk

Ninja Melk was created by YouTube phenom Ryan Higa and his two partners, Kathleen Hahn and Kyle Schroeder. Inspired by Ryan’s popular ninja videos and driven by his need for a “better-for-you” energy drink to fuel his long days of producing videos, the team set out to create a line of unique and delicious products that are made with premium ingredients and less sugar than leading energy drinks.

Product: Ninja Melk Lemon Iced Tea Energy Drink – Sugar-Free, Zero Calories, Dairy Free, Smooth & Delicious – 1 case (12 cans) SUGAR FREE, ZERO CALORIE & DAIRY FREE – enjoy every sip of this one-of-a-kind iced tea energy drink without the guilt TASTES AMAZING – Refresh and rejuvenate with Ninja Melk’s newest uniquely delicious, lightly carbonated energy drink INGREDIENTS GIVE YOU A BOOST – 120mg of Caffeine and 100mg of L-Theanine for jitter-free focus and performance

Price: $24.99

Founders: Kathleen Hahn, W’00 and Kyle Schroeder, W’00


ISOThrive Inc.

Microbiome products for human and animal health.

Product: ISOThrive is a gastroenterologist recommended fermented prebiotic that supports digestive health and relieves heartburn/acid reflux, constipation, gas and bloating. It is a lightly sweet nectar of non-digestible soluble fiber called MIMO (maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides) that feeds beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Price: $34.99 with Free Shipping!

Founder: Lyn Oswald – W80


Hometown Flavors

Vietnamese cookbook with 50 recipes.

Product: “Hometown Flavors” is a Vietnamese cookbook that shares the history of dish and steps to recreate it. Vi Tran (WG’21) shares her family’s history in escaping the Vietnam War and how they’ve preserved these 50 family recipes. While at Wharton, she hosted several Food Club dinners and classes to share with Wharton. Since 2019, Vi has sold 2,000 copies.

Price: $20

Founder: Vi Tran WG’21


Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover creates problem-solving bags – for all the badass, problem-solving humans out there. Bags that keep up, stay organized, and look good doing it.

Product: Bags for travel, work, baby and life.

Price: varies (discount code: 20% off full-price products through Jan 2022 with WAFFA2021)

Founders: Melissa Shin Mash WG’12, Deepa Gandhi WG’13



We’re forced to wear uncomfortable shoes most of the time in order to look professional at work. At MOCALMO, we disguise sneakers as dress shoes so men & women can feel their best and still look polished at work.

Product: The dressiest leather sneakers that support your wellbeing at work and keep you looking board-room ready. Our combination of materials and construct helps you get through your day with designs that inspire your confidence and safeguard your comfort.

Price: $250-$300 (discount code: PENNHOLIDAYS)

Founder: Diana Kattan, Wharton Undergrad 2012


reStickity LLC

We enable our customers to personalize any space with pictures without causing wall damage or needing tape, tacks, magnets or frames. reStickable pictures make it easy to create adjustable photo walls to relive milestones, achievements or time spent with family, friends & pets.

Product: reStickitys are photos that stick to any surface, don’t cause damage when removed and are reusable (hence the name!).

Price: Pricing is dependent on size and quantity ($2.49 – $24.99) (discount code: Use “PENN10” for 10% off your first order.)

Founder: Jodi Albright Falk WG ’92


Cocoa Future, SPC

Copina Co. is dedicated to bringing the best of plant Good King is a woman-owned, social purpose corporation partnering directly with cacao farming communities (primarily women) to multiply their income by creating cacao-based products in their local communities. It offers award-winning Snacking Cacao and unroasted, peeled cacao beans and cacao butter for small batch chocolate makers.

Product: Organic Snacking Cacao: irresistibly crunchy, extra-dark chocolatey, caramelized cacao snacks. Better for you and better for growing communities. Our snacks are Organic, Vegan, Nut-Free and Gluten-Free.

Price: variable

Founder: Kim Wilson, W’96



Verishop is a social shopping platform where people can discover independent brands and creators

Product: Shop from small, independent businesses, including Black, Indigenous, People-of-Color (BIPOC) or female-founded brands this holiday season.

Price: varies

Founders: Catherine Khan (wg05) and Imran Khan



Combining luxury and utility into the perfect bag made for modern women.

Product: At P.MAI, we believe women should be comfortable and confident—without sacrificing style. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect laptop backpack that’s tailored for women, with an aesthetic that’s ready for the runway. By combining luxury with utility, our P.MAI bags make the perfect companion to today’s professional sophisticate.

Price: $288 (discount code: 10% with code “WHARTON” until end of 2021)

Founder: Phuong Mai – Wharton Undergrad 2009



Online service that allows students to upload a college application pdf and get helpful suggestions from ex admissions officers in 36 hours or less.

Product: Ex- admissions officers critique and offer suggestions to college applications BEFORE students apply to college/graduate school. Our former admissions officers have worked for an average of 5 years at Ivy and near Ivy League Programs. They won’t be nice, they will be helpful!

Price: $395-$795

Founder: Stephanie Scott Klein Wassink 1994



Changing the planet one soup at a time.

Product: We can tell you, in clear conscience, that our soups are very healthy. They are chock full of fresh, local veggies, grains, beans, and other wholesome goodness. All of our soups are vegan, kosher, and made with sustainably sourced ingredients. With nationwide shipping straight to your door (excluding Hawaii and Alaska), our soups make the perfect holiday gift!

Price: Starting at $70.99

Founder: Sara Polon, Penn 1999


Mansa Tea

Mansa Tea is a handcrafted aged tea company specializing in aged teas, tea experiences, and education to elevate tea for tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Product: Limited Edition Jeju Tea Tasting Set which include 100% organic and handmade teas sourced directly from Jeju island. Including a digital magazine with details and analysis of each of the teas and a one-hour virtual tea tasting of Jeju Island Teas! (currently on pre-order phase. Will have all the photos ready by the time the product goes officially live on November 1.)

Price: $220 (discount code: WAFFA20 ($20 off Jeju Tea Tasting Set; valid until 12/31 midnight))

Founder: Ashley Lim, WG’18


FELOH : For Everyone’s Love of Hair + Beauty

FELOH [Fell•Oh] is a consciously inclusive social marketplace just for beauty. What makes us unique is that when our users post their content in our social community, we give them rewards called “curl coins” to shop our marketplace (where independently owned beauty brands list their products to sell).

Product: Support sustainably made and BIPOC businesses this holiday season by shopping from FELOH’s beauty and self-care marketplace! Our vendors offer a wide variety of products like: skincare, body butters, hand crafted candles, silk pillow cases and eye masks, and more! Use code: GOQUAKERS to get 15% off any order in the FELOH Marketplace between November 26th through December 18th!

Price: varies (discount code: 15% off any order with GOQUAKERS)

Founder: Camille Genise Heard (CEO, CAS 2013) Jacqueline Baron (COO, CAS 2013)


Calm Clarity

The mission of Calm Clarity is to guide and support people to rewire their brain and embrace their inner wisdom to improve their well-being and become inclusive leaders. Our programs combine neuroscience and mindfulness to calm anxiety, heal trauma, and address disparities in mental health impacting underserved communities.

Product: Calm Clarity Cards Each set of Calm Clarity Cards contains 52 cards with inspiring quotes and reflection prompts designed to inspire and rewire your brain for a higher level of consciousness. Use the cards regularly to mindfully activate and strengthen the neural networks we refer to as Brain 3.0, which enable wisdom, self-mastery, and connection in your personal and professional growth. Buy-1-Give-1-Plus Social Impact Model 100% of the profits from these card decks supports our non-profit programs to provide Calm Clarity training and tools to under-served college students, and to schools and non-profit organizations serving low-income communities

Price: $29.99 plus shipping

Founder: Due Quach WG 2006