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Small Group Discussions — Nov-Dec, 2020

WAFFA is piloting a peer community of female founders, investors and industry leaders to share best practices, challenges and advice. This will be peer driven so please bring your questions and there will be facilitators present. These round tables will be kept intentionally small to foster community and we will cap participation at ~10. If there is overwhelming interest we will schedule more round tables in the future. The first 3 round tables will be this November and December: 

  • 11/18 – Fundraising #1 (Digital): On Wednesday, 11/18 at 12 pm ET/9am PT.   

This round table will be led by Early Stage VC Kahini Shah and Growth Stage VC Aneesha  Raghunathan.

  • 12/02 – Finding Product Market fit #1 (Digital): On Wednesday, 12/02 at 12 pm ET/9am PT. 

This round table targets founders and product leaders to discuss product strategy and staying competitive. 

  • 12/09 – Go to Market Strategy #1 (Digital): On Wednesday, 12/09 at 12 pm ET/9am PT. 

This round table targets founders who wish to discuss market strategies, pricing strategies and ways to get distribution. If you’re interested please fill out this quick form and we will send you an invite! Looking forward to it.


The Wharton Alumnae Founders & Funders Association (WAFFA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to accelerate the success of Penn Wharton female founders and investors. Today, 13% of Penn founders are women but they raise just 6% of venture capital. WAFFA harnesses the power of the Penn Wharton network to educate, support, and foster connections for female founders and funders.