Nest Genomics + Y Combinator

Congratulations to Moran Snir (WG13), co-founder and CEO of Nest Genomics, whose company was part of the Y Combinator Winter 2022 batch, and who recently presented to an audience of investors at YC’s 34th Demo Day. YC received 17,000 applications for their W22 batch and funded 414, so Moran and her team were in excellent company!

Nest Genomics is a software for health systems that automatically creates personalized care plans for patients who have had genetic testing. For example, if someone’s genetic tests reveal a risk for breast cancer, Nest Genomics provides a personalized plan that includes imaging, referrals to specialists, and medication that can help prevent cancer. Before Nest Genomics, Moran founded, and was the CEO of, Clear Genetics, a software company that developed innovative, patient-centric software to thoughtfully integrate genetics into routine patient care. Clear Genetics was acquired by Invitae in 2019.