IQ, EQ or YQ: Which is most important for your happiness and success?


Wharton Alumnae Founders and Funders Association

CAN YOU HAVE IT ALL?- Come learn how, as we explore with author Thomas Dean the meaning of the YOUquation. Bottom-line: It’s all up to you!

Join our meaningful conversation with Thomas Dean, co-author of YOUquation—Living Your Dream: Your Happiness + Your Success, as he shares we can achieve what we want, if we’re willing to put forth the effort. Ultimately, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Following his program, learn to enjoy the journey, even more than the goal. Define what YOUR happiness looks like and build a strong foundation of skills and practices to reach YOUR desired happiness. The beauty in his approach is the clarity of what it takes, the simplicity of the actions, and the personal commitment to pursue every single day.


Mr. Dean is a seasoned business professional, mostly in real estate development and acquisitions, along with public and private equity. He created the Real Estate Investment Analysis courses at UCLA and UC Irvine. Tom received his MBA from Harvard Business School and his BSME from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He and his wife are empty nesters in Orange County, CA, with their large rescue dog, JJ.



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