Entrepreneur Media’s 100 Women of Influence

So proud to tell you that we have TWO Alumnae named in  the Entrepreneur Media’s 100 Women of Influence in 2022. Last week, we shared the good news about Reham Fagiri (W12), AptDeco Co-founder and CEO. Congratulations are also in order to Miranda Wang (P16) and her Co-Founder Jenny Yao at Novoloop, which transforms plastic waste into high-performance materials. 

“When we visited our local waste transfer plant in high school, seeing these mounds of plastic shook us to our core. By 2017, we had developed a first-generation breakthrough technology to chemically break down polyethylene plastic waste — commonly found in grocery bags. Most incumbent chemical companies use antiquated recycling techniques that are still quite harmful to the environment. Plus, the capital required to invest in new ways of recycling is enormous. As a result, very few startups are looking at this space. We have to be very creative.”