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Video: New Startup Mindset with Sandra Shpilberg , WG

Our exclusive conversation with Sandra Shpilberg Founder and CEO of Seeker Health, Wharton alumnae, and author of New Startup Mindset. She shared how she started, built, and exited her digital health startup, all while not following the Silicon Valley formula. (Video from event dated 7/16/20.)

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About Sandra Shpilberg

Sandra Shpilberg was the founder and CEO of Seeker Health, a leading digital patient-finding platform. In 2015, Shpilberg founded the company to bring efficiency to the process of finding patients to accelerate the development of treatments for serious diseases.

The company grew rapidly to serve sixty-plus biotechnology companies, connect millions of patients with serious diseases to clinical trials, and achieve profitability. In September 2018, a life science services conglomerate acquired Seeker Health. Medical Marketing & Media named Sandra Shpilberg a Top 40 Healthcare Transformer, and she was a featured speaker at the 2018 South by Southwest conference and at numerous industry and technology conferences.

Prior to this successful entrepreneurial pursuit, Shpilberg held executive roles at biopharmaceutical companies. She has an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurial management from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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About New Startup Mindset: Ten Mindset Shifts to Build the Company of Your Dreams

In 2015, Sandra Shpilberg founded Seeker Health, a digital patient-finding platform. The company grew rapidly to serve over sixty biotechnology companies and achieve great financial success. From the start, Shpilberg blazed her own path: she chose to be a solo founder, didn’t pursue an incubator, didn’t accept outside funding, led development of software despite not being a programmer, and charged customers from month one. Instead of creating hype, Shpilberg focused on customer needs, yielding a startup with revenue, profit, and impact; and in September 2018, a large life science services company acquired her startup.

In New Startup Mindset, Shpilberg shares her story of starting, building and exiting her startup and provides readers with sage insights and practical tools to follow this different approach. This book is a needed dose of reality for Silicon Valley and a large serving of inspiration for those who want to create something from nothing. It is a must-read for aspiring startup founders and current entrepreneurs, especially those who don’t fit the traditional mold of a Silicon Valley founder and are open to a new way of making a profound impact with the companies they create.


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How She Built This with Hayley Leibson, Lunchclub—November 12, 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Please join Wharton Alumni Founders & Funders Association (WAFFA) for breakfast and conversation with Hayley Leibson, co-founder & COO of Lunchclub.

Lunchclub is an AI superconnector that makes introductions for 1:1 lunch and coffee meetings. Lunchclub’s mission is to power a future of work where making new connections is easy, meaningful, and fun. Hayley is also the founder of Lady in Tech, an award-winning tech and lifestyle blog for women, and writes a column for Forbes that motivates and moves millennial women to enter the tech industry and build impactful products at scale to improve the world.

Lunchclub has made tens of thousands of in-person connections that have resulted in outcomes including hiring, startup and entertainment investments, consulting and advising, new friendships, and co-founders meeting and starting a business.

Lunchclub is invite-only and live in 8 major cities including the San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, LA, London, and Toronto.

For her inclusion and diversity advocacy work, she’s been featured in ABC 7 News, BBC World Service, BBC 100 Women, Tech Forward, and OZY. She was named a “Top Tech Influencer” by IVY Magazine, “Most Influential Women in Tech” alongside Sheryl Sandberg and Katrina Lake, and included in 20 On The Rise 2018.

We hope you can join Hayley for breakfast and conversation moderated by Shannon Grant. As part of this event, Lunchclub is also giving Wharton attendees an invite to try Lunchclub.

Register Online
Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019Time: 8:30am – 9:30am
 CANOPY Jackson Square – 595 Pacific Ave, 4th Floor
Cost: $10 Members, $15 Non-Members